On the Collection

Carl Grossberg: Works in the Merrill C. Berman Collection. Texts by  Melissa Venator, Merrill C. Berman, Lynette Roth. Cambridge: Harvard Art Museums, 2018. Exhibition Dates: August 4, 2017- July 22, 2018.

American Masterworks from the Merrill C. Berman Collection. Texts by Robert Cozzolino, David C.
Driskell, Peter Nesbett, John Yau. New York: Alexandre Gallery, 2015. Exhibition dates: May 14-June 26,
2015. [View]

Kurt Schwitters: Avant-Garde and Advertising. Texts by Javier Maderuelo and Adrian Sudhalter.
Madrid: Fundación Juan March, 2014. Exhibition traveled to: Museo Fundación Juan March, Palma de
Mallorca (July 16-Oct 4, 2014); and Museo de Arte Abstracto Español, Cuenca (October 15, 2014-
February 15, 2015). [View]

The Merrill C. Berman Collection at the Fundación Juan March. Texts by Manuel Fontán del Junco and
and interview with Merrill C. Berman. Madrid: Fundación Juan March, 2012.

The Avant-Garde Applied, 1890-1950. Texts by Manuel Fontán del Junco, Richard Hollis, Maurizio
Scudiero, and Bruno Tonini. Madrid: Fundación Juan March; Editorial de Arte y Ciencia, 2012. An
exhibition drawn from the collections of Merrill C. Berman and José María Lafuente. Exhibition dates:
March 30-July 1, 2012. [View]

Elegance and Extravagance: Japanese posters from the Merrill C. Berman Collection. Text by Peter
Nisbet. Chapel Hill, NC: Ackland Museum of Art, 2013. Exhibition dates: September 7, 2012-January 6,
2013. [View]

Photomontage Between the Wars, 1918-1939. Madrid and Ottawa: Fundación Juan March and Carlton
University Art Museum, 2012. Texts by Adrian Sudhalter and Deborah L. Roldán. Exhibition traveled to:
Museo de Arte Abstracto Español, Cuenca, Spain (March 2-May 27, 2012); Museu Fundación Juan
March, Palma de Mallorca, Spain (June 13-Sept. 8, 2012); and the Carleton University Art Gallery,
Ottawa, Canada (October 15-December 16, 2012). [View]

“The Bolshevik Poster 1917-1921: From the Collection of Merrill C. Berman,” Manhattanville College,
Arthur M. Merger Art Gallery (October 7-November 3, 2009).

“European and Russian Photomontage, 1920-1940: From the Collection of Merrill C. Berman,” Ubu
Gallery, New York (May 15-July 31, 2009).

Packaging Presidents: 200 Years of Campaigns; Candidates. Illustrated with selections from the
Merrill C. Berman Collection. Frederick Voss, Rick Beard, and Michael Cheney. Springfield, IL: Abraham
Lincoln Presidential Library Foundation, 2008. Exhibition dates: February 5-November 30, 2008. See
1984 publication of the same name by Frederick Voss, upon which this publication builds. [View]

Cut and Paste: European Photomontage, 1920–1945. Lutz Becker. Rome: Gangemi Editore, 2008.
Exhibition dates: Estorick Collection of Modern Art, London (September 24-December 21, 2008). [View]

Graphischen Arbeiten der Avantgarde  1918-1934: Aus der Sammlung Merrill C. Berman. Text by Lutz
Becker. Neuss: Langen Foundation, 2006. Exhibition dates: February 12-May 14, 2006. The Langen Foundation was the last stop on the tour of the Hayward Gallery exhibition that began in 2004. The Langen Foundation produced their own German-language catalogue, which is related to but differs from the English-language catalogue.

Aspects of Russian Art, 1915–1935: Selections from the Merrill C. Berman Collection. New York: Ubu
Gallery, 2005. Exhibition dates: May 33-July 22, 2005.

Avant-Garde Graphics, 1918–1934: From the Merrill C. Berman Collection. Texts by Lutz Becker and
Richard Hollis. London: Hayward Gallery Publishing, 2004. Exhibition traveled to: Hunterian Art Gallery,
Glasgow (October 1-November 27, 2004); Glynn Vivian Art Gallery, Swansea (December 4, 2004-
February 13, 2005); Estorick Collection of Modern Italian Art, London (March 23-June 5, 2005); Kettle's Yard, Cambridge (July 30-September 25, 2005); and Langen Foundation, Neuss (February 12-May 14,
2006). [View]

Avant-Gardes: Selections from the Merrill C. Berman Collection, Constructivism, Dada, De Stijl, Futurism, Neue Sachlichkeit, Surrealism. New York: Ubu Gallery, 2004. Exhibition dates: February 5-April 24, 2004.

Graphic Design in the Mechanical Age: Selections from the Merrill C. Berman Collection. Deborah
Rothschild, Ellen Lupton and Darra Goldstein. New Haven: Yale University Press in conjunction with
Williams College Museum of Art and Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum, Smithsonian Institution,
1998. Exhibition traveled to: Williams College Museum of Art, Williamstown; Cooper-Hewitt National
Design Museum, New York; IVAM, Centro Julio Gonzalez, Valencia; Suntory Museum, Tokyo; Kawasaki
Museum; Obihiro Museum; Henry Art Gallery, Seattle. [View]

Building the Collective: Soviet Graphic Design 1917-1937, Selections from the Merrill C. Berman
Collection. NY: Princeton Architectural Press, 1996. Texts by Leah Dickerman (editor) and Maria Gough.
Exhibition traveled to: Miriam and Ira D. Wallach Art Gallery, Columbia University, New York; and Busch-
Reisinger (with additional works at the Sackler), Harvard University, Cambridge. [View]

Captured Glance: The Avant-Garde and Advertising in the Twenties, in collaboration with Merrill C.
Berman. New York: Helen Serger/La Boetie, 1987. Exhibition dates: April 4-May 29, 1987.

Art for the Masses: Russian Revolutionary Art from the Merrill C. Berman Collection. Darra Goldstein.
Williamstown, MA: Williams College Museum of Art, 1985. Traveled to: Williams College Museum of Art
(January 27-March 17, l985); and Davison Art Center, Wesleyan University (August 28-October 18,

Packaging Presidents: Memorabilia from Campaigns Past. Frederick Voss. Yonkers, NY: Hudson River
Museum, Yonkers, 1984. Exhibition dates: September 23-November 11, 1984. See also: 2008 publication by same author and of the same name.

The 20th Century Poster: Design of the Avant-Garde. New York: Abbeville Press, 1984. Dawn Ades with
contributions by Robert Brown, Alma Law, Armin Hofmann, and Merrill C. Berman. Mildred Friedman,
ed. Walker Art Center, Minneapolis (May 12-August 12, 1984); Everson Museum of Art, Syracuse
(September 8-October 20, 1984); The Saint Louis Museum of Art (November 24, 1984-January 5, 1985); Dayton Art Institute (April 6-May 18, 1985); Neuberger Museum, Purchase (June 23-August 25, 1985); and The Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, Quebec (September 26-November 10, 1985). Mildred Friedman, Design Curator, “Acknowledgements” (p. 210): “The exhibition would not have been organized without our introduction, three years ago, to Merrill Berman, whose posters constitute the majority of works in it.”


"The Ring: Art and Commerce, Kurt Schwitters and Colleagues, Selections from the Merrill C. Berman
Collection,” Busch-Reisinger Museum, Harvard Art Museums, Gallery 1520 (two rotations over a six-
month period: June 2016-January 2017). No catalogue.

“Coming Attraction: Cuban Movie Posters from the Merrill C. Berman Collection,” International Print
Center, New York (IPCNY) (April 5 - May 12, 2012). No catalogue. [View]