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Cuba 1960s-1990s
The collection includes over 125 silkscreened Cuban film posters from the 1960s–1990s by
notable designers including: Eduardo Munoz Bachs, René Azcuy Cárdenas, Antonio Perez (Niko) Gonzáles, Julio Eloy Mesa Pérez, Antonio Fernández Reboiro, and Alfredo Gonzáles Rostgaard. Many of these designers are included in the book, Carole Goodman and Claudio Sotolongo, Soy Cuba: Cuban Cinema Posters from After the Revolution (México D.F.: Trilce Ediciones, 2011).

Germany (post-WWII)
Aicher, Otl [collection publication PDF]

Japanese (post-WWII)

United States
American Cause
Black Panthers [collection publication PDF]